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Latvian company CrossChem already opening its 17th factory

Car chemical manufacturer SIA “CrossChem” has opened a new factory 90 kilometers from the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

The newly opened factory in the Jászberény area will ensure a full-cycle production. CrossChem’s team of Latvian technical specialists, in cooperation with Hungarian colleagues, performed the necessary assembly, installation and training works within three weeks, under strict COVID-19 restrictions, which will ensure the production of AdBlue® diesel engine exhaust system cleaning fluid.

Work on the plant took almost a year, but despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the plant was opened on April 27, 2021.

This is already the 17th CrossChem factory. It will be able to produce 4 million liters of diesel exhaust fluid every month.

The company’s turnover in the first quarter of this year exceeded 4.6 million euros, which is 20% more than in the same period last year. The company has also managed to earn 60% of the gross profit of 2020 or 786,990 euros in the first three months.

“CrossChem has started the year with great vigor. We implemented new ideas, as well as took several strategic actions to expand the company’s operations and develop new markets. The family business is becoming a global global player, ”says Richard Anderson, Director of SIA CrossChem.

CrossChem signed several investment agreements earlier this year totaling more than one million euros, thus ensuring the company’s sustainable development and increasing its competitiveness.

SIA “CrossChem” is a 100% Latvian capital company that provides AdBlue® production and export to more than 60 countries around the world.

This article was originally published on Dienas Bizness in Latvian

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