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About Us

Commited to building a better future.

Reducing the impact of harmful emissions across the globe since 2007.

CrossChem group produces and distributes chemical products and special equipment that help save the environment. Our own research and development base as well as experience knowledge can provide our clients with today’s environmental effective solutions and products. Our social responsiveness is aimed for environmental responsibilities and new innovation implementations. It motivates us to provide our clients with great progress opportunities. Our mission is to ensure both human and environmental prosperity.


15 Years of experience

Our team has gained immense experience and knowledge by working on innovations for more than a decade.



CrossChem’s internal team are experts who constantly improving with the aim to provide our clients with the greatest opportunity of progress. 



The world is our market. We are constantly working to provide our high-quality products to clients all over the globe.

Since 2007, CrossChem has proven itself as a reliable and competitive manufacturer in both domestic and international markets. By exporting goods to more than 60 countries around the world, we ensure stable growth for more than 16 years.

One of the competitive advantages of our company is the ability to develop new products with our in-house chemists, as well as equipment for their production with our engineers. Several of our innovative solutions have received international awards and recognitions.

By focusing on the production of products which reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by the transportation industry we maintain our philosophy and focus on business sustainability ensuring that our operations and products are environmentally friendly and adds value to our efforts of reducing environmental impact created by the industry in general.We listen in to our customers needs and respond on market demand, often providing customers with unique solutions that are not available elsewhere. Prompt response to customer needs and availability to respond quickly provide the necessary dynamics for the development of our business.

The growing demand for CrossChem products inspires and motivates us to continue to expand the company’s operations. We have high ambitions and clearly defined goals for the further growth of the company.

Ričards Andersons

Ričards Andersons

Chairman of the Board

We offer various types of partnership opportunities from franchising to white-label production. Discover how You can become a part of our rapidly growing global network.

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